GG Reindeer Farm
3754   76th Street   Caledonia, MI 49316
Reindeer aren't just for
Christmas time!

GG Reindeer Farm has
friendly and gentle reindeer
to rent for any occasion
We bottle raise each of our baby reindeer,
called a 'fawn',  to insure  they are calm, gentle
and socialized.  

They are raised from the very beginning
interacting with humans. They are trained to
wear halters and walk on a lead rope.

This is Gizmo & Gadget's Reindeer Farm. Are
you looking for a spunky, distinct, innovation
for your celebration or party? Have it with
live reindeer....yes they do exist!!  Surprise
and astound your friends, family, employees
and co-workers with a little piece of the
North Pole.
> Kids Birthday parties

> Special Events

> Community Days

> Holiday exhibits

> Christmas/Corporate
Business parties
Fun Facts About Reindeer
  • The male is referred to as a buck
  • The female is referred to as a doe
  • A baby reindeer is a fawn
  • The name for a group of reindeer is a herd
  • The sound made by a reindeer is referred to as a bellow
  • Reindeer are excellent runners and great swimmers
  • It takes 2 people to milk a reindeer.  1 person to milk and    
    1 person to hold the antlers
  • Reindeer milk contains 22% milk fat, 6 times more than
    cow's milk